Make your team count

Peer Group for Human Resource Leaders


Human Resource Leaders have a critical role in aligning people to strategy and execution. Our Peer Group provides an intimate experiences for HR Leaders to learn and strengthen their sense of the strategic value of Human Resources.

Current climate

It’s all about talent

How do companies recruit, compensate and retain talent?

How to effectively lead employees consisting of boomers, gen-x’ers  and millennials?

Engagement –  What is it, how do you measure it and how do you manage it?

Six Peer Group Meetings

Engage with your peers to exchange ideas and benefit from the experience of multiple companies. Receive insights from guest thought leaders on topics that impact culture and business performance.

Six 1 on 1 coaching sessions

Participate in personal coaching sessions with a executive coach who focus on specific issues related to your success. These confidential conversations will hold you accountable toward accomplishing your goals.


We constantly inform our members of provoking ideas and information from thought leaders around the world. Through Ted Talks, Harvard Business Review articles, case studies or other resources we share information that will make you think.

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